The Year Ahead: Substitute Cliché Resolutions

The month of January is notoriously the time to focus on one’s future. Whether it be sticking to those taunting New Year resolutions, working off those delicious holiday goods, or realizing this is the year to mark one of the biggest moments of your life, saying “I do”, the month of January is almost always spent planning the year ahead. I have decided to take this concept and run with it for January’s Fashion Friday Blog Series: The Year Ahead.

It all builds up to one day. Everyone rushes to consume those last few holiday cookies or indulge in the last days of the bad habit that has to go because of one very important and influential day of the year, January first. To kick of the New Year right, it only seems fitting to address those pesky, sometimes effective, New Year resolutions.  This year, however, I challenge a spin to those cliche resolutions on everyone’s list.  Here are some of my favorites with slight alterations:

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1. I want to lose (insert number) pounds by (insert date).

Placing a number or a deadline to losing weight can actually cause stress that will keep you from shedding those pounds.  It is important to love yourself at all stages and sizes of your life.  Give yourself credit for the beautiful figure you do have by dressing to flatter.  Don’t put numbers in your New Year resolution, but make a plan to work out, eat healthy, and dress your best everyday.  I guarantee you will not only see results in shedding pounds, but they are much more likely to stay off with this positive spin.

I am going to dress in clothing that makes me feel great at my current weight.

2. I will hang this (insert clothing item) on the door as motivation until I can fit in it.

It is great to have a motivational reason for losing weight, but be cautious not to daunt yourself.  Instead of putting an item of clothing on the door that is smaller in size, try hanging the clothing that has become too big on you to celebrate your achievement.

I will hang the (insert clothing item) that is too big for me on the door as a reminder of how far I have come.

3. I’m going to clean out my closet, but keep my smaller sizes.  Once I lose weight, I can fit into my old clothes.

Do not hold onto the past.  Let those old clothes go and reward yourself with a few new items along the way as you start to lose.  Keep a special amount aside from each paycheck to save for those times where you feel you need to add to your existing wardrobe.  You do not necessarily lose weight the same way twice, which may be discouraging when the number drops, but the smaller pants size still doesn’t fit.  Trends are always changing, so unless they great staple pieces to a wardrobe, donate them to a charity for a feel-good, fresh start.

Out with the old clothes and in with the new, as soon as I save for my shopping spree.

4. I am going to take a class to educate myself on something new.

Trends are always changing and the fashion world offers plenty of avenues to become educated in.  Why not try setting up an appointment for image consulting?  Not only will you learn about the current trends in fashion, you will learn what trends can work for your body type.  You will be educating yourself and you will have chosen to better yourself, as studies are constantly telling us that those who feel confident in their exterior appearance are more successful and in general, happier.

I am going to talk with an image consultant to discuss current trends and see which ones will work for me.

5. I am going to buy an entire new wardrobe this year.

This is a fantastic idea, if you have the means.  A fresh look has been said to encourage fresh behaviors.  Make sure not to discard staple items that may not need to be replaced.  There is no need to fix it if it’s not broken.  For those on a budget, the envelope system is a great option.  Simply account for bills in each paycheck and divide the rest into envelopes that are designated to specific things.  Make one of those envelopes clothing and look forward to those new items from each paycheck.

I am going to replenish my wardrobe with new trendy pieces.

Written By: Stephanie

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