Spring Break Prep Guide

WHY DOES OUR SKIN AND HAIR look more alive when it gets warm outside? It’s like our natural beauty hibernates when the snow hits, and is reborn the moment the birds fly back north.

Of course, we can thank the sun for blessing our cells with Vitamin D and giving us some healthy new color. But how do we get that “glow” factor? That beautiful I just got back from the beach look?

It starts and ends with treating and nourishing your skin and hair with the right beauty essentials.

IN A RECENT POLL, we asked our Neroli team members to share their favorite warm weather essentials, and we received some awesome feedback.


Retail Price: $24


What it does…

 Hydrates and cools skin, providing soothing relief from dryness, stress and exposure to the elements.

Our professioanls, Jessi and Lynn, recommend…

Put the product in the refrigerator and apply it after sun exposure.




Retail Price: $42


What it does…

Preserves your skin’s natural beauty with sheer, weightless defense against the elements that damage skin.

Our professional, Sepideh, recommends this product.

Daiy Light guard



What it does…

It’s a mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure to minimize damage and dryness.

Our professional, Kasey, recommends this product.


Retail Price: $26

What it does…

Nourishes hair and helps fight frizz in intense humidity.

Our professional, Astacia, recommends this product.


What is does…

Adds a touch of illumination with skin-loving, reflective minerals.
It sets makeup while reducing excess shine and the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Our professional, Bridgette, recommends this product.

Loose Powder

Lip Save

What is does…

Nurtures your lips with soothing, moisturizing naturally derived waxes.
Delivers lasting moisture relief to dry lips.

Our professional, Bree, recommends this product.

Lip Saver

Our team wishes you brighter summer days.

Look Your Best This Spring

Bronze Glow

St.Tropez is the most revolutionary spray tan yet. It lets you select how dark you want to go by choosing when you shower. An advance fast acting mist, with intelligent shade complex for a natural streak-free tan.

Formulated with fast-acting ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin while the intelligent shade technology allows the desired depth of colour to be selected by choosing when to shower.

After showering the skin will have a light colour, the self-tan actives will continue to work, developing and deepening into the chosen tan.

  • Formulated with 100% Natural DHA
  • Formulated with Pro Hydra Gel for a quicker, smoother application
  • Non-transfer, treak-free tan
  • No self tan smell, with our new mood enhancing breakthrough fragrance
  • Reduced fragrance level for easier application
  • Intelligent Tan System for a longer lasting tan

Flawless Nails

All of our manicure & pedicure services are amazing, but there are definitely a few that are ideal before slipping on your sandals and heading to the beach. Finish off your mani + pedi with our Zoya extended-wear polish for 7 days of perfect nails.

Personalized to your senses, this restorative, full-service manicure or pedicure includes a stress relieving arm or leg massage. The manicure includes a hot towel treatment.

Our Nail Designers use OPI Gel as it gives you gorgeous, high gloss nails that are instantly dry with zero chipping for up to 14 days. Natural nails have never looked better.

Restore dry, weathered skin with moisture-rich oils and a warm towel in this full-service, customized pedicure. Choose a customized hand or foot treatment at the time of your service. Finish with a meticulous polish.

Your nail designer will incorporate one of the following treatment enhancements based on your needs…

Rejuvenating Spa Masque:
Lighten the appearance of dark spots and smooth the texture of the skin with this masque, rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and powerful plant antioxidants. Your feet will appear refreshed and smooth.

Cooling Treatment Masque:
Extracts of peppermint and Chinese wintergreen are combined with aloe and rosewater to create this incredibly hydrating masque that is perfect for tired, stressed skin.

Sea Salt Glow:
In this exhilarating treatment, invigorating dead sea salts scrub away rough skin as meadow foam seed oil and jojoba oil leave hands and feet feeling like new. This treatment also finishes with a hydrating paraffin masque.

Soothing Sea Masque:
Treat your hands and feet with this rich, hydrating masque infused with purifying essential oils and seaweed harvested off the coast of Hawaii. Your skin will emerge  smooth, fresh, & glowing.

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