Series Part 3: Dressing for Your Figure

We’re officially half way through our month long series of blogs based on how to dress for your body type. It’s a fabulous celebration of the unique and gorgeous curves that make us strong, independent women. Topics covered thus far include the rectangle and pear silhouette.

The third week features the apple silhouette and strawberry silhouette.  The apple silhouette can be described very similarly to the rectangle silhouette, with a slight larger bust.  The strawberry silhouette is simply the opposite of the pear silhouette; instead of having more weight on the bottom half of the figure, the weight of a strawberry silhouette is on the top half.

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Here are tips to follow when dressing for apple silhouette:

1. Just as the rectangle silhouette, try adding a belt to accentuate the waistline.

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2. Find larger patterns/prints to slim the figure.

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3. Try a high-waist skirt to create a waistline and section the silhouette the minimize the chest.

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4. Know that you do not have to follow the longstanding rule to always wear dark colors.  Bright colors will look just as amazing on you; simply remember to pick one in your color palette.

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Here are tips to follow when dressing for the strawberry silhouette:

1. As mentioned with the pear silhouette, prints are your friend.  Apply the same rule to this silhouette.  Wear a print on the bottom to redirect attention to that area of your silhouette or accentuate your top half by dressing in a print top.

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2. Learn to love peplums.  A peplum skirt or dress can do wonders to create the illusion of an hourglass shape.

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3. A flared skirt or wide-leg trouser can balance the weight of this figure.

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4. If you are top heavy, specifically in the chest area, wear the proper undergarments for support.

As always remember to own and flaunt your figure because it is what makes you beautiful and unique to those around you.

Written By: Stephanie

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