Series Part 2: Dressing for Your Figure

FNO and NYC Fashion week is over, but I am just warming up on the month-long series of Fashion Friday blogs focused on the topic of dressing for your body type.

Each week I am concentrating on defining a different silhouette and matching it with flattering ensembles, featuring current trends; noting that these are generalized body types and that many people may fall into multiple types.  Last week was the rectangle silhouette.

The second week features the pear silhouette.  This silhouette can be described best as a figure that carries weight on the bottom half of the body, giving the body more curves around the hips than the chest.

Image Courtesy of Hello Magazine

Here are tips to follow when dressing for this body type:

1. Try adding structure to the top half of your body to create balance.

Neroli Pinterest Page

2. Play with prints on the top portion of the body to draw attention away from your hips or accentuate your curves by wearing a print on your bottom half.

Neroli Pinterest Page

3. Wear a scarf to give the illusion of a more balance silhouette.

4. Emphasize your amazing waistline with a belt strategically placed at the point that your hips start to narrow into the shape of the waist.

Neroli Pinterest Page

5. Remember that the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile; all of the rest are just a BONUS!

Written By: Stephanie

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