Series Part 1: Dressing for Your Figure

In honor of Milwaukee’s first official Fashion’s Night Out and NYC Fashion Week, in addition to it being a month when fashion magazines (like Vogue) throw almost 1,000 pages of style options your way, I have decided to dedicate the entire month to a series of blogs based on the topic of dressing for your body type. Each week I will concentrate on defining a different silhouette and matching it with flattering ensembles, featuring current trends.  Make sure to check back each Friday of this month to see which body type best describes you.  And remember, these are generalized body types, as every single person has a gorgeous and unique figure that merely shares similar characteristics to one of these generalizations.

This week features the rectangle silhouette.  This silhouette can be described best as a figure that does not have a large bust or hips, but rather has more of a straight line that continues from the shoulders to the hip.

Image Courtesy of Hello Magazine

Here are tips to follow when dressing for this body type:

1. Try adding a belt to accentuate your waistline.

Neroli Pinterest Page

2. Play with different patterns/prints to emphasize specific areas of the body.

Neroli Pinterest Page

3. Use color blocking to section your figure.

Neroli Pinterest Page

4. Layer to create depth and interest to areas of the body.

Neroli Pinterest Page

5. Love what your mama gave you!  What you don’t have you want; when you do have it, you want something else.  Keep in mind that others are dying to have your figure just as much as you may be wishing you had their’s.

Written By: Stephanie

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