New Hair Color Guest Offer

New to color? 

Nothing is more fun for a stylist than to give you a fresh new look by introducing you to the world of hair color.

Now is the perfect time to go bold and exciting with your hair. We are offering a complimentary full sized bottle of Aveda’s Daily Color Protect to all new hair color guests. Which means in 6 weeks your new ‘do will still look as rich and bright as it did when you left the salon.

Already have hair color, but have never received a hair color service at Neroli? Schedule your next color with us, and you can get in on this amazing offer, too.


color conserve daily protect

Love your color?

Keep your color shiny and vibrant for 6 weeks. Here are the top 3 reasons you need to be using Aveda’s Daily Color Protect:

#1. Larch tree extract forms a natural seal to help lock in hair color.

#2. Green tea-derived anti-oxidants help defend against environmental elements.

#3. Cinnamon bark and wintergreen-derived UV filters help prevent fading from the sun.


A little more info…

What it is: Aveda categorizes hair products into 5 different groups: Shampoo + Condition, Treatment, Prep, Style, and Finish. Color Conserve Daily Color Protect falls into the treatment category.

How to use it: On clean, towel dried hair, apply the product starting from the ends of your hair working up towards your scalp. Comb through your hair to distribute product evenly.

PRO TIP: Not sure how much product to use? Gather your hair in a pony tail. The size around the pony tail would be (about) how much product you should use. Typically the size ranges between a blueberry and a dollar coin.



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