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Having to deal with dry, brittle hair during the winter months can now be a thing of the past as Aveda’s reformulated dry remedy™ shampoo, conditioner and moisturizing masque are now in stores in addition to Aveda’s new dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil.

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So many of you might ask…. what is so special and new about about the new formulation as you didn’t think anything was wrong with the old one. As a hair care leader, Aveda realizes that they must continually improve their products to better service you and given that dry hair is one of the top hair care concerns they felt it was time to further research on how improvements could be made to the dry remedy™ system. Through research a patented deep-moisture complex featuring buriti oil was created for a basis in the shampoo, conditioner and moisture masque products. A new aroma of organic bergamot, lavender and ginger lilly also resulted with the new formulation.

One of the most exciting pieces of the relaunch to the dry remedy™ line is the the new dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil as our team was able to have a sneak peak in using this product and fell in LOVE!

Here are the breakdown of the benefits for daily moisturizing oil….

  • 99.9% naturally derived,* with the hydrating power of buriti oil
  • instantly moisturizes hair by 41%**
  • leaves hair soft and full of shine
  • formulated without silicone, so it takes only a few drops to moisturize hair

*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Learn more at
**After 1 application of daily moisturizing oil in laboratory testing.

This product is easy to use as you simply put 1-2 drops in your hands, emulsify and then put into your hair from mid-length  to the ends on half of the head. Simply repeat for the other half and comb fingers through your hair for even distribution. Any residual oil can be placed on the crown of the head to create more shine and prevent flyaways. We have team members that use it on dry or wet hair so feel free to try both and use whichever you prefer.

While the new dry remedy™ daily moisturizing oil can be used with combination with any products we encourage you to use it in conjunction with the damage remedy™ shampoo, conditioner and masque as when used as a system, 93% of women agreed that their hair felt immediately moisturized and soft.

Dry remedy™ products are available at all five Neroli locations. Our team is happy to provide a full hair care consultation in the store to ensure you have the right Aveda products to address your hair care concerns as needs change pending the season and we want to make sure your hair gets what it needs this winter season!

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