Microchanneling At Neroli

What Is Microchanneling?

MIcrochanneling is a 3 step painless skin rejuvenation procedure that create invisible micro-perforations in the skin to simulate cells (known as: keratinocytes) to increase production of new collagen and elastin. While lasers injure the skin, Microchanneling stimulates the release of epidermal growth factors without damaging the skin.

Benefits Of Microchanneling

  1. Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles: usually caused by loss of elastin and collagen, fine lines can be significantly improved by microchanneling– which naturally boosts the collage and elasticity of your skin.
  2. Age Spots: microchanneling aids in shedding the top layer of your skin to minimize age spots– which also helps your products abroad and work more efficiently.
  3. Scars: microchanneling has the ability to break upload scar tissue and stimulate collagen and elastin production that is similar in healthy skin tissue.
  4. Acne: microchanneling benefits acne by boosting the absorption and efficacy of topical acne products directly into the treated area.
  5. Premature Skin Aging: like how it helps with wrinkles, the same goes for preventing, as microchanneling leads to thickening and preventing the breakdown of collagen. It also enhances the effectiveness of anti-aging products by boosting its absorption and concentration in your skin.
  6. Rosacea: a skin disorder that produces facial redness that can lead to the breakdown of collagen– which can be helped through microchanneling.
  7. Pore Size: reduces the size of pores– especially those around the nose and cheeks, by producing more collagen and thickening the epidermis layer of your skin.
  8. Stretch Marks: treating stretch marks with microchanneling is similar to the way scars are treated– in the way that it breaks down stretch mark tissue and triggers collagen growth.
  9. Hyperpigmentation: triggered by an unusual production of melanin, microchanneling helps to shed the top layer of skin to produce normal melanocyte. Unlike harsh treatments like lasers and microdermabrasion, microchanneling is safe for anyone– especially those with darker skin tone, as it doesn’t lead to loss of skin pigment.

Microchanneling At Neroli

Microchanneling will be offered with select service providers.

Introductory pricing starts at $175 for a one hour service.

Stay tuned for videos and before & afters to get you more connected to this high performance service.

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