Men Summer Trends 2012

This Friday’s blog is all about men.  The 2012 summer trends have men’s fashion branching out in a whole new way, so let’s make sure, as the temperature rises, that you are dressed to impress.  For shy or reserved men, the key to switching up your style this summer is not taking the runway looks literally, rather take small steps to pull in one or two of the trends at a time.  If you are adventurous and outgoing, set the trend by recreating a look straight from the runway.  Here are five of the top summer 2012 men’s trends:

These linen shoes are the new deck shoe of the summer.  Break these in for a slow step in the direction of summer trends or pair them with cuffed, colored pants for a look straight from the runway.

Lean towards a more muted suit this season for a subtle, trendy look. This concept is known as tonal dressing when paired with different shades of the same color as the suit.

Colored pants are everywhere this summer.  Try a shade of green for a step in the right direction or go all out with a bright red or orange.

Blue, blue, blue.  Try it from head to toe or pair it with a contrasting color tie and shoes.

Go for the full runway look with cuffed pants, a layered and casual coat combo, deck shoes/dress shoes without socks, and don’t forget a confident smile to catch everyone’s attention.

Written By: Stephanie

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