Make The Environment Your Fashion Purpose

As Earth Month starts on Sunday, Neroli has taken additional time to focus on ways that we can help in protecting the environment, both as a company and as individuals in the community.  We believe the smallest initiative can make the biggest difference and every aspect of life can be linked to this great cause.  On the basis of fashion, environmental actions are endless and this week’s blog will cover a few fashion initiatives Neroli has taken that you as an individual can participate in and hopefully be inspired by.

DIY Re-purposing Scarves:

Take an old t-shirt and cut it into strips of fabric, wrapping one strip of fabric around the others to secure them together.   Sew the wrapped strip or simply knot it for a re-purposed scarf.

Save a tree by using an old scarf to wrap a gift.  Not only does this option give the recipient reusable packaging, but it also cuts back on paper use.

Here is a step-by-step to turn your favorite scarf into a skirt.

For additional re-purposing ideas , follow Neroli’s Pinterest page and click on our Re-purposed board.

Support the Cause:

Be Inspired by re-purposed fashion pieces:

Photo from 2011 Aveda Congress Attended by Neroli Hair Team

Written By: Stephanie

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