Give the Gift of Clothing this Holiday

More times than not, holiday shoppers will opt for a quick gift card rather than deciding on a clothing item to purchase for that special someone.  This year, I challenge you to two tasks while preparing for the holidays.  First and foremost, let’s address those tricky clothing gifts for that certain someone.  Below, I have listed a few his and her’s clothing gifts that will always be appreciated.  Try to keep in mind the little things when selecting the right type of each gift, such as favorite color or function versus fashion depending on that individual’s personality.  This will show that not only did you purchase an item rather than a gift card, but that you put thought into the perfect type for them.

Men’s Gifts

Men's Gifts

Women’s Gifts

Women's Gifts

Steve Madden boots / Pendant jewelry / Pom hat / Vintage eye glasses / DKNY / SELECTED infinity scarve, $45

My second challenge to you is as follows: every time you purchase a new piece of clothing for a holiday party or family pictures, choose an item from your closet to donate to the charity of your choice.  Not only will you be fulfilling that special someone’s holiday wish by partaking in the first challenge, but you will be gifting clothing to someone else who may really need it.  This is also a great way to set an example for kids.  Tell them that for each toy they receive under the Christmas tree, they can pick an old one to give to a child, who otherwise might not get a present this holiday.  It spreads holiday cheer in more ways than one and helps remind us all what the holidays are really about.

On behalf of the entire team at Neroli Salon & Spa, I would like to wish all of you a wonderful holiday season.

Written By: Stephanie

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