Fuller, Longer Hair in Hours

Imagine having the power to create your desired hair length and fullness without loosing its natural appearance….

It is possible. Neroli has researched the hair extension market and is proud to introduce two different 100% real hair extension options to our menu of services. Each product has unique features allowing you to find the hair extensions that will suit your lifestyle and desired outcome.

A select team of Neroli hair designers have dedicated themselves to perfecting the art and craft of hair extensions. Don’t be fooled, as this is a service you want done by a professional who has gone through the proper training and certification.

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Every hair extension guest will start with a consultation that is completed approximately two weeks prior to the service. This is a critical part of the process as the hair designer needs to find out your needs and examine your hair to be able to ensure the right product and color tones are used. On the next business day following your consultation, we will provide you with the estimated cost as no two hair extension services are the same due to the high customization capabilities of the service.

Prior to moving into the unique features of each hair extension service, we wanted to highlight a few key points that apply to both offerings:

  • 100% Real Hair
  • EasiHair: 30-Minute Consultation (Non-refundable $50 cost goes towards a hair extension service received within 60 days following)
  • Great Lengths: 45-Minute Consultation (Non-refundable $75 cost goes towards a hair extension service received within 60 days following)
  • $100 per hour for removal
  • 50% of cost for the service is due once estimate is provided
  • Receive an at home care guide
  • Includes a final hair cut and style

Great Lengths

  • Longest lasting, most durable option
  • Can last up to 6 months with proper care and maintenance
  • High-tech method of molecular bonding to your own hair – has the ability to expand (when hair is wet) and contract (when hair dries) with human hair
  • Highest quality hair, can be colored once to blend perfectly with your hair
  • Easily removed by an expert, your own hair is not damaged
  • Application includes a Neroli Spa lunch as this is the longest application
  • Includes a shampoo and blow-dry style within 10 days


  • Fastest Application
  • Reusable tape in system
  • Perfect for adding length, volume and color
  • No damage to the natural hair
  • Easy to self style
  • Initial application lasts 6-8 weeks
  • Additional 6-8 week reuse after salon reapplication service

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