Forget About the Number This New Year

It’s that time of the year again and while you set out to achieve your resolutions, consider forgetting about the number this New Year.  Be honest with yourself.  How many times have you turned down the perfect pair of jeans because of the not-so-friendly number that seems to be perpetually inked on the tag?  Yes, even though the “larger” number fits and compliments your silhouette better, you refuse to purchase clothing if the digit is higher than your goal size.  Rest assured that you are not alone as many people are setting resolutions to fit into their “smaller” sized clothing.

Truthfully, while standard sizing, measurements that calculate generic numbers to represent sizes, are reviewed and implemented in the mass production of clothing, not all clothing brands have an identical size chart.  Each clothing brand creates a target market, generating an idea of a person to represent their brand.  While H&M may design clothing for “Kate” who is an active twenty year old just starting a career, Ann Taylor may design clothing for “Kate” who is a middle-aged woman with a full-time job and two teenagers.  Each “Kate” has a different lifestyle influencing their body types; therefore, the standard sizing chart is altered to fit the clothing brand.  

This year, instead of putting a number on losing those holiday inches or pounds, first make a resolution to go shopping. Buy an outfit or two with pieces that you feel great in, cut out the labels after reviewing the care instructions, and enjoy as the compliments start pouring in.  Focus on the silhouette that you want to achieve rather than the size.  In doing so, you will look and feel great, and with that added confidence the rest of your New Year’s resolutions will fall in to place.

To compare and view the sizing charts for H&M and Ann Taylor click the links below:


Ann Taylor

Written By: Stephanie

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