Follow the Winter Blues with These New Spring Shoes

As I have been researching current spring shoe trends, the same comments related to the appeal of current shoe trends based on style compared to comfort seem to be coming up. This week’s blog will give you the current style trends with a few pointers on how to keep your feet both comfortable and stylish.

Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz
Platform wedges are a must in this year’s spring wardrobe. If they look uncomfortable or a little higher than you’d like, remember that the majority of people have an arch to their foot, which can actually be better supported by a pair of wedges throughout a day on your feet than flats. The platform offers a dramatic look, while still offering support by adding more balance to the height rather than having a steep inclined heel.
Alexander Wang
Pointed and strappy will be seen as the warmer weather approaches. The ankle strap on shoes in especially popular, which means that this trend of shoe requires a great fit. You don’t want the area that your foot fits into to be loose or the ankle strap will pull, creating discomfort. Try them out with a quick strut back and forth before purchasing.
The two-toned trend is carrying over from bags to shoes this spring. As long as the shoe is comfortable to you, there is no way to do the two-toned shoe trend wrong.
Lela Rose
A high-inclined wedge is popular this spring, though these shoes should come with a warning. Don’t plan on wearing these wedges for a long period of time; plan on a special event to slip these bad boys on.

Written By: Stephanie

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