Five Do's and Don'ts of Summer Fashion

A Few Do’s and Don’ts to Remember This Summer:

1. Do bare your beautiful legs this summer. Don’t wear an uncontrollably short skirt/dress that could bare too much.

2. Do show off the results of your great workout routine at the beach.  Don’t wear your bikini (unless covered) anywhere else.  Also, don’t EVER pair your bathing suit with Ugg boots.

3. Do wear white denim all summer long.  Don’t wear neon undergarments with white.

4. Do spend time outside.  Don’t go outside without protecting your skin.  Lobster red skin doesn’t look good on anyone and is unhealthy.

5. Do accessorize with a cute pair of shades.  Don’t cover your entire face with oversized sunglasses.  The majority of us aren’t hiding from the poparazzi.

Summer Do’s

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Written By: Stephanie

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