Earth Month: Be Fashionable with a Cause 2

As mentioned in last Friday’s blog, each week I will be showcasing a local clothing or accessory store, in honor of Earth Month, to share ways for you to make a difference with fashion towards an environmental cause. By the end of April you will learn how to re-purpose old clothing in your wardrobe and where to  purchase new, eco-friendly, pieces.

For Earth Month, Neroli Salon & Spa is happy to be partnering again this year with The Alliance for the Great Lakes to help raise funds to clean Lake Michigan – a large water resource that has a direct impact on all of us. There are many ways to donate to the cause by visiting any of our locations such as rounding up the total for your services or products, adding a chair massage to your service at $1 per minute, buying raffle tickets, participating in our Cut-a-Thon on Earth Day or purchasing an Aveda candle specifically created in honor of Earth Month fundraising.  Ask one of our wonderful team members the next time you are in for more information on ways to contribute.

Feature Boutique:

This week, I would like to feature Anthropologie where organic materials are used to create outfits and interior decor to incorporate into your everyday life.  If you think organic, you think environment so stop in to our local Anthropologie, in the Historic Third Ward, 301 N Broadway, and shop their unique selection of organic and environmentally friendly clothing and goods.

Re-Purposing Project:

Turn your old clothes into fabric flowers that can be used in your wardrobe as accessories or throughout your house as decor.

1. Cut a strip of fabric about 2″ wide at whatever length you prefer.

2. Fold fabric in half the long way.

3. Wind fabric around itself, making it tight to start and loosening it as you go along.

4. Secure fabric as you go by running a stitch through the entire wound portion every time you wind it in a full circle.

Neroli's Pinterest Page
Neroli's Pinterest Page

Neroli's Pinterest Page

Note: The bottom will be hidden and can be slightly messy. The longer the fabric strips, the larger the flowers. The width can also be wider than 2″ for large flowers.

Neroli's Pinterest Page
Neroli's Pinterest Page

Written By: Stephanie

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