Double Points on Thai Massages


Thai Massage
Thai Massage

We’re thrilled to offer our guest’s the opportunity to experience Thai massage at Neroli Salon & Spa. Plus, this month we’re offering our Neroli guests double Neroli Reward Points on Thai Massage. This is a great opportunity to experience this one-of-a-kind spa service.

Developed by Buddhist monks in Thailand nearly 2,500 years ago, Thai massage uses stretching and gentle pressure along the body’s energy lines to balance our system, increase flexibility and relieve tension throughout the body.

Our Massage Therapists begin your Thai massage experience in a comfortable position on the floor. Guest’s are asked to wear loosing fitting clothing that allows them to stretch and move.

Your Massage Therapist will use gentle compression and stretching techniques to open your body. Many of the positions can be described as yoga-like and give the body time to release and detoxify. Your experience will be both deeply relaxing and energizing.

Thai massage is extremely beneficial for guest’s looking for relief from asthma, migraines, muscle strains, anxiety, insomnia and the release of blocked energy centers.

Our Neroli Thai Massage Therapists are extensively trained and hold special certifications in order to perform this service for our guests.

Please call 414.227.2889 for reservations and more information.


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