Customize Your Hair Color

The Aveda Full Spectrum hair color has been converting color lovers everywhere. The reformulated line has pure pigments, is more customizable, and 96% naturally derived, leaving you with vibrant, damage-free hair color. Even with all these amazing benefit, a new hair color line can trigger nervousness in the best of us. With a new year on the horizon it’s the perfect time to incorporate change and we have a few of the most frequently asked questions that we have received since the new line was introduced in 2012.

1. Will I notice that the Aveda hair color line has changed?
Absolutely. The new changes to Aveda hair color provides better gray coverage, amazing shine, and longer lasting color.

2. What are the advantages to the new color line?
The colors can be made as lush and natural or as vibrant and outrageous as you prefer.  Redheads have loved it as that bold, rich, crisp red is now possible. The possibilities are endless – think purple, green, blue, yellow and more! The new color not only makes hair look healthier but is healthier for hair.

3. What have Neroli guests’ been saying?
That there is more customization and that the color stays brighter longer.

4. What hair color trends do you see for 2013? Many of  last year’s hair trends, are indeed making a strong comeback for 2013, but we’re also seeing a few new trends popping up as well. Styles such as dipped dyed ends, bold hair colors, and low highlights are still very strong looks from last year, and for 2013 ombre tresses are being updated with a flip flop motion called the reverse ombre. This trend features blonde or lighter hues on the top, with darker hues being featured on the bottom. Other trends to note this year include blonde hues, black hues, and mixed rainbow colors.

5. Who can benefit most from the reformulated color line?
Everyone benefits from the changes to the Aveda color line, guest and colorists alike.  Whatever your color needs are, you will love the shades that we can create for you. The shine and the all over performance of this color is beautiful! As colorists, we have so much more flexibility and creativity with this line – leaving us the ability to offer new, vibrant options or better match your natural look.

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