Confidence by Fashion: A Little Fashion Goes a Long Way

For the month of May, I am bringing the Fashion Friday Blog back to a topic that strongly connects my passion for for fashion with the passion of the Neroli Salon & Spa team’s goal of giving others a sense of confidence and well-being.  There will be five blogs in this series, all focusing on the ways to use fashion as a tool to build self-confidence.  As always, I welcome feedback or questions on these topics at Neroli’s Facebook.

There is a psychology to fashion that many overlook when getting dressed, but it most certainly is there in every clothing choice we make.  Based on where we are going or what we are doing in a day, we choose clothing that will be suitable for the occasion and also suitable for our mood.  Clothing has the ability to communicate with others exactly how you are feeling about yourself, but it also has an almost magical way of altering or enhancing the way that you feel, as well.   You would never walk into a job interview in sweatpants and there is a reason to this.  So if sweatpants aren’t the answer to stepping up your confidence level or improving your mood for the day, then what is?  Below are a few easy “fashion tools” to add that extra boost of confidence that you need, whether it be on a daily basis or for one particular event of importance.

1. Ladies, it’s All in the Heels.

Try a pair of heels to boost your confidence to the next level.  Their trick? Not only do they look sharp or become a focal point of your outfit, they enhance your posture and caution you on your step, which makes you more aware of your figure and the importance of the way you carry yourself. Find a pair of stylish heels locally at Shoo.


2. Ladies and Gentleman, Do You Know What Time It Is?

Add a watch on to complete the outfit and to feel more attentive to your day.  This will also display responsibility and time management skills to potentially important business opportunities or anyone else you may want to impress. Check out Francesca’s for a great watch variety.


3. Make Bold Statement with Bold Color.

It’s no secret that bright colors will get attention. And there is no secret that attention and compliments on those bright colored pieces will build your confidence. What are you waiting for?  Slip into a bright pair of pants or top and watch your mood change by the color.

4. Read My Lips.

Now I know bright lipstick is NOT a clothing item, but your make up choice is just as important as the clothing you put on.  Grab a punchy lip color and watch as everyone hears exactly what you have to say while reading those bold lips. Try Aveda’s lip colors, which can be found at any of the Neroli locations.

Written By: Stephanie

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