Color Code

Communication between individuals comes in various forms.  Though verbal communication is the most commonly recognized form, we communicate with more people daily through our nonverbal communication.   Our appearance, especially our wardrobe and color choices, is a high impact way to communicate with others. Clothing is a means of self-expression, which subconsciously divulges information on a daily basis about our mood and personality to others.  The next time you get dressed, take a look at the color wheel to determine what the colors you wear are saying about you.

Color Wheel

Through my studies of fashion design and emphasis on the psychological aspect of how color and silhouette effect an individual’s self-esteem, I have gathered information on the psychological aspect of colors from my previous work and paraphrased it below.

Red: This color expresses strength, confidence, and passion.  Be cautious of when you are wearing red as it can be perceived as hostile or pushy while negotiating.

Orange: Orange exudes happiness, creativity, and success.  It is said that orange can increase energy and it also stimulates social interaction.

Yellow: This color is also a symbol of happiness and energy, also triggering feelings of optimism.  Yellow encourages communication, but too much of this color may cause feelings of anger.

Green: Green is a well-known hue for representing nature and growth, but what most don’t know is that it also conveys safety and stability, harmony and self-control. Due to it’s emotional ties, it can help eliminate depression and nervousness.

Blue: Blue creates a sense of trust, allowing for open communication.  It also produces a feeling of peace, loyalty, and intelligence.  This color can be calming and healing.

Purple: Due to the fact that kings and queens used to be the only members of society who could afford the cost of purple dyes, this hue represents luxury and power.  It also gives an ambience of mystery.

Pink: This color has the societal stereotype of femininity, but it also creates calmness.  It is said to calm aggression.

White: White symbolizes purity and innocence.  It is a color to represent first times, which is why it is the color for weddings dresses, baptismal gowns, and other special events.

Black: This is a color of authority and power.  Make sure you smile while wearing black, it can be intimidating to others.

What will you wear today?


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Written By: Stephanie

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