Cold Weather Hair Tips & Tricks

Not only does our skin need extra moisture during the cold winter, but our hair and scalp need the extra attention as well.


Here at Neroli Salon & Spa we offer a Botanical Hair Treatment – a deep conditioning service done in the salon to immediately moisturize the hair. This treatment can be done as often as the hair needs the extra love this winter, and all year long.

Switching to a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is another essential winter weather step. Aveda’s Dry Remedy Shampoo and Conditioner works well to add moisture every time you are shampooing at home.

If you feel that your hair is too fine for such a rich shampoo and conditioner, you may just need to do a moisturizing masque once a week.

The Dry Remedy line has a Deep Penetrating Masque that works perfect for people with finer hair.

If you find your hair is craving extra moisture on a daily basis, try Aveda’s Dry Remedy Oil. Only a few drops are needed on wet or dry hair. Focus on the areas that really need the moisture, and then brush through your hair to distribute the product.

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Hair Cuts

Besides product recommendations for my clients, the second largest tip I suggest for my clients is hair cut maintenance.

Winter is never a time to skip out on your hair cuts. Whether it’s just a trim to maintain your length or a whole new do, your ends still need to be cut.

When the hair is dry the ends become more brittle and fragile. When the ends are damaged in this way the only way to get back to healthy hair is a trim. Brittle, dry ends lead to split ends and breakage.

I recommend 4-6 weeks for short to medium length hair, 6-10 weeks for medium to long hair, and 12 weeks is the absolute longest you should go between cuts.

Heat Styling

The holidays inevitably lots of heat styling and protecting your hair from heat is always a must if you are wanting your locks to stay healthy.

This applies to every form of heat that your hair experiences. Every tool from a blow dryer to a flat iron creates heat and can be damaging to the hair. When winter rolls around we no longer have the option to air dry.

If you plan on using a blow dryer don’t forget to prep hair first. If frizz is a problem and you love a smooth look, use Aveda’s Smooth Infusion Style Prep in damp hair before you turn the blow dryer on. Apply the product mid strands to ends, and then use a wide tooth comb to work the style prep through your hair. Follow with your other favorite smooth infusion styling product.

Ask your Neroli Hair Designer which finishing products have an added heat protectant.

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Another common cold-weather hair concern is static.

Static is another friendly reminder that the cold is here. Keeping your hair conditioned will help with static electricity, but sometimes it’s not enough. I recommend my guests use Aveda’s air control hairspray to control staticky hair. Lightly spray a paddle brush with air control hair spray and run it through your hair.

Last but not least, keep hair happy with slightly cooler water. When the air is cold there’s nothing better than a hot shower! Wrong, for your hair that is. Hot water is very drying to your skin and hair. Warm water is best but if you can stand it, try using a little cooler water on your hair.

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This blog is written by Neroli Salon & Spa Bayshore Hair Designer, Ashlyn. To schedule a haircut, Aveda Color service or updo with Ashlyn call 414.227.2889. To read about what inspires her, click here. 

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