Avoid These Dress Blunders When Saying "I Do"

It’s that can’t eat, can’t sleep, head over heels feeling that overwhelms most of the female population and the word to summarize it all: Wedding.  It’s initiated with one simple word, “Yes”, and after the shock and amazement of the question you answered becomes a reality, your mind begins to rush into the panic of a bride-to-be.  Do I wear my hair up or down? What colors are my favorites? What colors will compliments my bridesmaids? Do I wear strapless or halter? Should my dress be straight with a train or ball gown? Where will we say, “I do”? The seemingly never-ending list begins and that is when you realize that only five minutes have passed by, yet next year seems to be approaching so quickly that you are sure it will be there to greet you the next morning.

It is true that the wedding season is still months away, yet the engagement season, now in full swing, is of equal importance.  It is between these two seasons that wedding preparations are taking place, which will have brides everywhere asking similar questions.  One of the most important pieces to a wedding, for most brides, is the wedding gown.  The pressure to find the perfect dress can leave some brides stressing rather than excited.  Here are a few tips to keep shopping for your big day fun rather than frightening:

The sooner the better. Giving yourself about 9 months before the big day will ensure plenty of time for the dress to be put into production and delivered for alterations and adjustments to perfect the fit.

Budget the details. Set a budget before you look to guarantee that you fall in love with a gown you can afford. Also, make a note of any details you must have in your perfect dress, such as sleeves or lace.

Focus on comfort. If you love to dance, make sure your dress loves to dance, also. You want to make sure your dress will stay in place and allow you to be comfortable the whole day through.

It’s your big day. Remember that no matter what you choose to wear on your big day, you will be glowing and no one will be able to dispute the beauty of a bride in love.


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Finding the dress will make you feel at ease and the following tips summarized from theknot.com will keep you at ease in caring for the dress all the way through the big day:

Spotless transportation is a must. Make sure the vehicle transporting the dress to it’s day-of destination is clean.  Put a white sheet down over any surface the dress might touch in the vehicle.  Keep all beverages out of this car ride just in case!

Wrinkles are not an option. If transportation of the dress causes wrinkles, avoid wrinkles on your bride’s face by placing towels over the bathroom floor and running the shower to create a steam room. Hang the dress on the back of the door and roll a dry, white towel around your arm. Run the towel down the length of the dress, smoothing out any wrinkles.

Make it invisible and strong. Deodorant should be clear and work as a high antiperspirant to prevent lots of staining.

Cover up if you can’t step in. Put a cloth or scarf over your face to prevent makeup stains if your dress must go over your head. Make sure to cover up for makeup touch-ups, as well.

Dry clean your dress. Wrap your dress in a clean sheet after your wedding and make sure to deliver it to a dry cleaner within the first couple of months to ensure that stains do not set in. This will also help to preserve the fabric.

You can find more of your wedding questions answered at sites like www.theknot.com and www.mywedding.com.

Written By: Stephanie

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