A Scarf to Fit Your Personality

As the temperature continues to drop, grab a scarf to bundle up with when on the go.  If you are not sure what type of scarf to purchase or where to shop, check out a few of the different styles listed below.  Scarves are a huge current trend, ranging in a variety of fabrics.  Wear a scarf to compliment your winter coat or keep it on all day long with a stylish ensemble.  There are an endless number of ways to style a scarf and the right one can serve for several additional uses, such as a hair accessory or a belt.  The one thing to remember when dealing with scarves is that you can never go wrong with this trend.

Endlessly Warm

Endless Scarf












Donna Karan / Barneys New York cowl scarve / Barneys New York tube scarve / Alice + Olivia tube scarve / Monsoon wool shawl / Abercrombie & Fitch knitted scarve / John Lewis , $48 / Rocha.John Rocha knitted scarve, $20 / Knitted scarve, $22 / A|Wear knitted scarve, $19 / A|Wear knitted scarve, $16 / H&M round scarve, $13 / H&M tube scarve, $11

Personality In A Print


Printed Scarves










Mango scarve / Swash wool shawl, $615 / Pieces animal print scarve, $20 / Floral scarve / Precis Petite floral scarve, $62 / Fat Face floral scarve, $29 / Fat Face floral scarve, $29 / Miso long scarve, $19 / Fat Face scarve, $29 / Alexander McQueen scarve, $530 / Mimco square scarve, $105 / Barbour square scarve, $96 / Paul Smith square scarve, $240

All Wrapped Upscarves


Faliero Sarti silk shawl / Aubin & Wills tartan scarve, $130 / Acne wool scarve / H&M , $11 / Chan Luu / Jigsaw fringe scarve, $94 / A|Wear fringe scarve, $22 / Comptoir Des Cotonniers wool scarve, $96 / Faliero Sarti long scarve, $445 / Comptoir Des Cotonniers fringe scarve, $105

Now that you have chosen which style of scarves best fits you, take a look at this video showcasing a few ways to wear your scarf.  Find your inspiration, invest in a scarf, and make it your own!

Source: youtube.com via Sue on Pinterest

Written By: Stephanie

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