A Classic Look for Any Age

How To Style A Blouse and Blue Jeans for All Ages

The topic of this week’s blog is on one of the most frequently asked questions that I hear in regards to fashion, “Is this acceptable to be wearing at my age?” Everyone wants to look their best and feel their best, no matter what their age. Current trends can, however, be hard for individuals to translate to an appropriate attire for their respective age.  Who can blame them?  All we see on our high fashion runways today are extremely tall, thin, and young models sporting the current trends. When looking to our celebrities for style advice, we must realize that they have several people helping them to look years younger than they are and while they may get away with wearing a gorgeous evening gown to a day on the job, we need a quick couple of items to throw on (after we finish doing our own hair and make up) that will fit our much less eccentric company dress code or daily attire. Allow me to introduce you to your personal stylist.  The following is your guide on dressing in a classic look of a blouse and blue jeans through the decades.



Now is the time to experiment with the trend of bright colored blue pants.  Pair the bright bottoms with a more basic blouse so you don’t overpower your entire body with vibrant colors.



Put a spin on your blouse by choosing one with a print or add a punch of color by throwing on a cardigan as a layering piece.  Keep your bottoms a darker color to offset the bright top.



Give a classic button down blouse and blue jeans a more casual look by rolling rather than cuffing the sleeves.  Add a belt and tuck the front portion of your blouse in.



Pair dark blue jeans with a dark top, offsetting it with a subtle, vertical pinstripe.  Tuck in the blouse and add a belt (adding a punch of color with a belt also helps to offset the dark ensemble).

Written By: Stephanie

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